March 30, 2023
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YouTube terminates test after being criticized for watching 4K videos as paying users

Earlier we reported that some US netizens shared in the Reddit discussion forum that YouTube is testing the inclusion of originally free 4K high-definition videos only for paid YouTube Premium users. When users of the free version of YouTube try to click to watch in 4K, they will be asked to join as a Premium subscriber.

The above test caused a lot of repercussions and discussions on the Internet, and some netizens even questioned on social platforms, saying that the restriction of 4K picture quality is only open to Premium paying users, which affects their normal use, especially in the 4K that is gradually becoming mainstream. Smart TVs, and users watching through a TV box. The latest news is that YouTube has stopped testing and publicly confirmed it.

The official TeamYouTube Twitter account responded to netizens in a post on Monday, saying that the trial had been completely terminated, and that netizens did not need to be Premium users to watch 4K-quality videos, but did not further explain the reason for the termination of the test.

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