March 29, 2023
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YouTube pushes new design layout to add Pinch-to-zoom zoom function

YouTube, which raised the premium service charges in individual markets earlier, announced a number of improvements to the interface and usage, which can be enjoyed by both paid and free users. First of all, YouTube has made a fine-tuning in the dark mode, which not only makes the color darker, but also brings a shimmer effect. The background of the program will display color changes according to the screen being played.

In addition, YouTube has also redesigned buttons like Like, Dislike, Share, etc. The Subscribe button has been changed from red to white in the past, in order to reduce visual disturbance to viewers while retaining high contrast. Another newly added feature is the Pinch-to Zoom function, which allows viewers to zoom in on a part of the screen with a two-finger action on a mobile phone or tablet, up to 8 times.

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In order to facilitate users to fast forward to a certain section of the video, the YouTube program has also added Precise Seeking precise search, dragging your finger on the progress bar will display thumbnails at different times of the video, and you can advance to that time point with a single click. Finally, users can mark frequently played paragraphs, and a loop playback function is also added to improve the flexibility of users when watching videos.

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