March 27, 2023
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YouTube Premium Adds 227% in Argentina and 25% in the United States

YouTube announced that its value-added service YouTube Premium will increase prices in many places around the world. Taking the United States as an example, it will be raised from $17.99 to $22.99, an increase of 25%. In Hong Kong, it still maintains $68 per month, but the YouTube Premium in Argentina, which many people care about, has increased by 227%.

Under the new fee, Argentina YouTube Premium has increased from 119 Argentine pesos (about HK$6) to 389 Argentine pesos (about HK$19.89), an increase of 227%. The Argentine home version of YouTube Premium has also increased from 179 Argentine pesos (approximately HK$9.15) to 699 Argentine pesos (approximately HK$35.75), an increase of 290%.

On the other hand, YouTube Premium in Turkey has also increased significantly, from 16.99 Turkish Lira to 29.99 Turkish Lira. In India, YouTube Premium has no price increase, remaining at 129 Indian rupees (about HK$12.22).

The unwire reporter noticed that the Argentine YouTube Premium page has adopted a new price of 389 Argentine pesos.

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Source: YouTube

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