April 1, 2023
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YouTube deletes more than 10,000 China-related channels last quarter, accusing it of being involved in an organized public opinion control scheme – Hong Kong unwire.hk

In modern warfare, information warfare through online platforms is unavoidable, but these platforms also hope to reduce the content of organized control behind it. Google removed more than 10,000 channels related to China last quarter.

According to YouTube’s regular reports, according to their ongoing investigation, between July and September of this year, more than 10,000 YouTube channels believed to be controlled by Chinese-related organizations were found, most of which posted “about music, There is also a small amount of Chinese-language junk content for entertainment and life, and a small amount of content related to Sino-US foreign affairs.” The way these channels operate is to build audiences through attractive content, and then add some pro-China content to influence public opinion.

In addition to China, public opinion control channels related to countries such as Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, the United States, North Macedonia, Iran and Myanmar have also been deleted, although the numbers are far less than China. Although Google pointed out that the channel is related to China, it did not disclose the actual location of the channel.


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