March 30, 2023

You haven’t used ChatGPT yet, the car will be used first

Recently, ChatGPT has caused a sensation around the world.

In Europe and the United States, technology giants set off yet another “AI war”. Recently, Microsoft announced that it has cooperated with OpenAI to launch Bing search, Edge browser, Office suite and Azure with built-in ChatGPT; Google will release ChatGPT competitor Bard, but because of giving wrong answers, the market value “evaporated” over 100 billion US dollars overnight.

In China, Baidu announced that it will launch a ChatGPT-like conversational AI The tool “Wen Xin Yi Yan”, the English name is ERNIE Bot; at the same time, Meituan founder Wang Huiwen entered the game to “build China’s OpenAI”.

What’s even more exaggerated is that ChatGPT not only wants to occupy people’s computers and mobile phones, but now it even wants to “get on the car”.

recently,Jidu Automobile also stated that it will integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxin Yiyan to create the world’s first large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience for smart car scenarios.

So, what impact can ChatGPT bring to the automotive industry?


ChatGPT “Get in the car”

It is understood that Wenxin Yiyan boarded the car this time, which is also the first time in the world that ChatGPT-like technology has been applied to smart car products. In the official introduction of Jidu, it is mentioned that “Jidu will integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxin Yiyan to support the advancement of car robots to achieve natural communication.”


concentration CEO Xia Yiping | Source: Jidu Automobile

The specific details of the cooperation have not been released by either party.concentration CEO Xia Yiping said, “As for the specific functions, I can only say that I am still working hard to connect with the Baidu team, because everyone knows that Wenxin Yiyan will be released in March, and then we will make our application. .”

However, he said that this is not difficult for Jidu, “As long as the back-end model is OK, our access is actually very simple. Just give it a complete language description of the question, and it will return you the answer. In the ChatGPT-like era, it may not rely on the car, but on the model capabilities behind it.”

Xia Yiping further analyzed that the most likely application of ChatGPT may be voice interaction.

“I think ChatGPT will improve the efficiency of in-car interaction and make many of our past interaction scenarios more comprehensive.” After ChatGPT is applied to Jidu models, it will still be reflected in the voice control system in the car.

Of course, the system equipped with Jidu will be more intelligent, instead of the traditional in-car voice commands, the product experience is closer to the form of communication with people, similar to having an extra person in the car chatting with you. The improvement of the voice interaction rate in the car will be extended to more scenarios.


Screenshot of ChatGPT | Source: Public account Cui Dongshu looks at the car market

In fact, there is still no consensus on what impact ChatGPT will have on the automotive industry. Therefore, it is better to go to ChatGPT’s own analysis. “First, the emergence of ChatGPT has improved the service level of the automotive industry; secondly, the emergence of ChatGPT has improved the sales efficiency of the automotive industry; finally, the emergence of ChatGPT has improved the R&D efficiency of the automotive industry.”

The reason why Jidu can become Wenxinyiyan’s first partner in the automotive industry is that they have an intersection – Baidu. Wenxin Yiyan is a generative dialogue product launched by Baidu based on Wenxin large-scale model technology; Jidu is jointly held by Baidu and Geely, in which Baidu integrates core technologies such as artificial intelligence, Apollo automatic driving, Xiaodu vehicle, and Baidu map. Comprehensive empowerment concentration.

Winning the “precedent” of ChatGPT-like boarding will undoubtedly make Jidu more confident when promoting intelligent products.However, it may take until the second half of this year to really experience the relevant functions.Because according to the established plan, Jidu’s first mass-produced model will be delivered in the third quarter of 2023.


Emphasis on “Technology Experience”

The cooperation between Jidu and Wenxin Yiyan was announced by Xia Yiping at the launch meeting of Jidu Sanlitun Experience Center, and at the same time, Jidu Digital Universe experience plan ROBOVERSE (car robot universe) was released.

On the same day, Jidu launched the Automobile Robot Experience Center simultaneously in Beijing Sanlitun, Shanghai Lujiazui Center L+Mall, and Shenzhen Shum Yip Uptown, and will open 100 offline experience centers in the core business districts of 46 cities across the country in 2023 center.

As a domestic fashion commercial landmark, Sanlitun has always been an important town for brand image building. Before Jidu, new energy brands such as Xiaopeng and Jihu had already settled in, but Jidu was the first car brand to enter the core area of ​​Sanlitun.


Jidu and UCCA’s first art project | Source: Jidu Automobile

After visiting the experience center in Jidu Sanlitun, the author found that the overall investment is not large, and it is not luxurious, because the team hopes to present users with a sense of science fiction.

Located in the Jidu Experience Center in S2, Taikoo Li South District, Sanlitun, the first floor area is smaller than the exhibition halls of many friends. There is a Jidu ROBO-01 Lunar Exploration Limited Edition in the middle, surrounded by a sky curtain wall. The new car is priced at 399,800 yuan and will be delivered to users in the second half of 2023.

After entering the experience center, users only need to scan the QR code on the large screen through WeChat and answer four personality test questions to awaken their own exclusive “digital symbiosis”.The digital symbiosis will beuser experienceContinuously grow in the process of in-store interaction.

Walk up to the second floor along the somewhat sci-fi staircase, and the space is larger than the first floor. In addition to the two works of contemporary young artists in the middle, Jidu also created an immersive experience space. Through the 30tops high-speed calculation of the smart cockpit, as well as the U-shaped steering wheel and the 6K high-definition large screen, the test drive experience of the smart car is simulated; at the same time, a “Human Autopilot Manifesto Stone” is arranged on the second floor. The author is a science fiction writer ” Big Liu” Liu Cixin.

As for the positioning of the experience store, Xia Yiping said, “Whether it is the conception of the relationship between man and machine through online experience, or the exhibition of art installations in the store space and boutique peripherals, they all condense the four words of concentration and technology experience. Thinking.”

Therefore, Jidu has always emphasized that they are not high-end brands, but a technology brand.“From the first day of the establishment of the brand, we have always emphasized the concept of automotive robots, and extended to the concepts of natural communication, free movement, and self-growth, and have been implementing this strategy.”

The cooperation between Jidu and Wenxinyiyan can enhance the brand image and awareness of the former. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what Jidu has to do.

For the integration at this stage, it is not only to build the car, but also to build a good channel, sales, experience and even after-sales system to complete the breakthrough from 0 to 1.

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