April 1, 2023
Xiaomi 将在年内关停云相册服务,照片可迁移到 Google Photos

Xiaomi will shut down the cloud album service this year, photos can be migrated to Google Photos – TechNave

A “Cloud Album Service Termination Announcement” appeared on the official website of Xiaomi Cloud Service. The announcement stated that Xiaomi Cloud Service outside the Chinese market will no longer support the album synchronization function.

This feature will be available via an app update in Singapore from 24 October 2022 and will be rolled out on existing devices, with other markets to follow.


Xiaomi is working with Google Photos to support the migration and backup of user data. The official also released a migration tutorial. Users need to bind a Google account, and then check that the remaining space is sufficient to start the migration.

Instead of migrating to Google Photos, users can also choose to download album content to personal devices. It is worth mentioning that users will also get a three-month 100GB Google One backup trial period.

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