June 9, 2023
Xiaomi Sound Pro 智能音箱发布:7 单元声学设计,哈曼联合调校,约RM632

Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker release: 7-unit acoustic design, joint tuning by Harman, about RM632

At the Xiaomi 13 series & MIUI 14 new product launch conference, the Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker was officially released, supporting 7-unit flagship acoustics, priced at 999 yuan (about RM632).

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Xiaomi Sound Pro is a 7-unit high-fidelity smart speaker with 4 times the acoustic space of Xiaomi Sound, upgraded to 7-unit acoustic design, equipped with a super-large woofer, 91dB sound pressure, jointly adjusted by Xiaomi Golden Ears team and Harman , and obtained the professional certification of China Electronic Audio Industry Association.

The Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker is priced at 999 yuan (about RM632) for a single unit, and it also provides a family combination set and a stereo combination set, which are priced at 1348 yuan (about RM853) and 1798 yuan (about RM1137) respectively.

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