May 28, 2023
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World Cup Japan’s winning goal vs Captcha Verification Netizens joked that judging out of bounds is as difficult as verification

Although Japan has already been out of the World Cup, but in their 2-1 victory over Spain in the World Cup, they caused public controversy due to the result of VAR, leading to a CAPTCHA Meme picture.

During the match, the Japanese player Kaoru Sanzaki rescued Nakata Aoi who was about to go out of bounds, and Tanaka Aoshi successfully scored a goal. However, the biography of Sanjiaxun has aroused heated discussions. Some people think that Sanjiaxun’s rescue of Shibo has already gone out of bounds, so it should be invalid. However, according to the VAR records, when Kaoru Sanba made a cross, Bo still had 1.88mm stuck in the boundary, and the ball certificate also declared the goal valid. However, even with the proof of VAR, a large number of Spanish users on Twitter were still dissatisfied with the result, offering evidence that Bo was out of bounds.

Japan v Spain Dead Line Ball Controversy

Some netizens made a meme on this topic, jokingly saying that judging the ball is like experiencing CAPTCHA, that is, a program that judges whether the user is a real person or a robot by clicking on a picture. I believe that many people have also been confused by the stepping pictures on the CAPTCHA. They don’t know how to judge, just like the controversy of Kaoru Sanji.

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