March 25, 2023

Works generated entirely by AI are still not copyrightable

Today’s generative AI can already create text and images that are not inferior to humans, so can these works be protected by copyright? The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress has published a guide that outlines the requirements for registering copyright in AI-related works. The Copyright Office has stuck to the definition of existing copyright law: that it must include a human author, and that purely AI works are not copyrightable. It cites, for example, the receipt of a copyright registration for an image generated using AI text image service Midjourney, which it ruled was a graphic novel — because it contained text by a human author and AI-generated images, but the images themselves are not subject to copyright Protect. If a work is completely machine-generated without human elements, the Copyright Office won’t register it. If AI accepts human prompts to generate complex text, visual or musical works, and the copyright office considers the human prompts as commissioned instructions to the artist, and how to output is completely determined by the machine, then the work is not output by humans and is not protected by copyright , it will not accept copyright registration.

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