March 30, 2023
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Windows launches one-stop system management tool to make various settings easier – Hong Kong

The system settings of Windows have always given people a chaotic feeling. To set some functions in depth, you always have to pop up and pop in. However, Microsoft has developed a new tool for Windows to make it easier for users to configure the system to improve performance.

The main function of the official app called “Computer Manager” is to list some common system settings, such as storage space management, viewing running programs, and selecting programs that are automatically opened at startup. Unnecessary files, improve overall performance, a bit like the system optimization tools such as CCleaner in the market.

Computer Manager has launched a beta version on Microsoft’s official website in China since March this year, supporting Windows 10 and 11. It is currently the 2.2 public beta version, but it has not yet been announced whether it will be launched in other regions. As far as the software is currently only available in China, it may be a product for the Chinese market, but the language is changed according to the system settings after installation, not necessarily Chinese.


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