June 6, 2023

Why are the tech giants hiring so many workers?

The recent layoffs of tens of thousands of employees by technology giants may give people the impression that these companies are overstaffed, and the internal company videos posted by some employees on Tiktok also make people feel that they are not working at all. In fact, the reason why technology giants hire so many employees is rational and is a long-term investment. First of all, the investment in infrastructure is invisible to outsiders, but it can be felt. For example, lower latency, faster response and more reliable services, these factors may affect whether users choose your service or competitors’ services. The second is experimentation. Hundreds of experiments are being carried out within the company. Only one of the experiments conducted by 100 teams may succeed and be known to the outside world. However, this does not mean that the work done by the other 99 teams is useless. As long as The size of the company is large enough, and it is worthwhile to play such a game with a high probability of failure. The last is to block competition. If you don’t hire these talents, they may go to start a business, which may eventually impact your business. This is a major motivation for technology giants to acquire startups and hire a large number of employees.

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