June 6, 2023

Which function of the next-generation Switch is the most important?Netizens voted this function the most! – TechNave

It has been more than 5 years since the Nintendo Switch was released in 2017, and today’s specifications and configurations can no longer meet the needs of players. Coming to 2023, although the official has never made any further announcements, it is reported that the Nintendo Switch will release a new model to replace the Switch this year.

IGN recently released a survey asking players about their expectations for Nintendo’s next-generation game consoles, and the top voice was “backward compatibility support.”

The survey results show that a total of more than 8,000 people participated in the voting, among which the “backward compatibility” function received the most support from netizens, accounting for 30.9% of the votes. A hardware boost followed closely behind. In addition, gamers also have an urgent need for “better online function support”.


Specific vote percentages for each option:

  1. 30.9% of votes for backward compatibility support
  2. 29.4% votes for improving hardware strength
  3. 23.9% of the votes support 4K resolution
  4. Better Online Features Support 6.8%
  5. Hybrid design received 6.4% of the vote
  6. Other options received 1.8% of the vote
  7. 0.9% vote to restore StreetPass messaging

As a Nintendo Switch user, which one do you think is the most important? Welcome to leave a message to share! For more technology information, please continue to watch the Chinese version of TechNave!

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