March 29, 2023

Which animals can be infected with the new crown?

greasy wrote “Scientific American November 2022 (earlier publication)Introduced the “Global Corona-Infected Species Incident Database” created by the researcherswhose raw data is hosted at GitHub the visual interface is accessible Check. As of September 27, 2022, the database has collected 735 animal infections of 31 species in 39 countries. “We can’t look at this epidemic in an anthropocentric way,” said Amélie Desvars-Larrive, a Vienna epidemiologist who led the project. Covid-19 is also highly contagious in many mammals, including in captivity (farmers have to kill them to stop the infection), deer seem to be particularly susceptible to this virus, and many felines (regardless of size). Barbara Han, a disease ecologist in New York State, who was not involved in the project, said the centrally categorized database would allow her team to more quickly and easily predict how the virus, which is present in so many animals, will behave. , what this might mean, without this information we can’t get an answer. “

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