June 6, 2023
WhatsApp「发信息给自己 」功能正式上线,可发送文档、笔记、文本、提醒等

WhatsApp’s “Message to yourself” function is officially launched, you can send documents, notes, texts, reminders, etc.- TechNave 中文版

WhatsApp previously tested the “Message Yourself” function (send a message to yourself), and today, the official announcement officially began to roll out this function to all users around the world.

“Message Yourself” allows a person to send documents, notes, texts, reminders, etc. to himself without having to save a personal mobile phone number as a contact in advance.

whatsapp message yourself

In addition, users can also pin their own chats to the top, so that they can easily view any sent messages or files. If you want to use “Message Yourself”, users can update their WhatsApp to the latest version, click to find contacts, and then they can find themselves and start a conversation.

The new feature is rolling out to all WhatsApp users on Android and iPhone starting today. For more technology information, please continue to watch the Chinese version of TechNave!

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