June 9, 2023
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WhatsApp call function has been upgraded to allow up to 32 people to video call at the same time- Hong Kong unwire.hk

In addition to being a commonly used instant messaging platform, WhatsApp also provides more and more peripheral functions, such as voice calls and video calls, etc., becoming a one-stop communication tool. Recently, Whatsapp announced that it will improve the calling function and support a wider range of uses.

WhatsApp announced that they will make a series of updates to the call function, including support for up to 32 simultaneous video calls, so that the maximum number of participants in the video call is the same as the current voice call, which has increased by as much as 4 times. In addition, during a call, you only need to press and hold the participant to zoom in on the camera or voice screen, and you can easily set mute or send messages, especially during multi-person conferences. In addition, WhatsApp has finally added call links, which can pre-plan meetings and invite each other to join group calls.

In terms of interface, the new version will also add a camera label (colored wave pattern) to turn off, and a banner notification when a new participant joins the call. Users of the iOS version will also be able to use the picture-in-picture function, which is convenient for Multi-Tasking. These new features will be rolled out to all users one after another, and the iOS picture-in-picture feature is now in the Beta testing stage and will be launched next year.

Source: Press release

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