June 2, 2023
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VS Code 1.71 improves merge editor and adds experimental Fish Shell |

new versionVS Code 1.71There are no major feature updates overall, but Microsoft has made a number of UI and control tweaks to make development smoother for users, as well as an experimental integration of the handy Fish Shell, which Linux and macOS users will be able to use Design a more modern command line shell.

Microsoft has improved the operation method for developers to resolve conflicts. Now in conflicting files, VS Code will automatically display the merge editor button. After clicking, the developer’s operation interface will switch from the original text editor to the merge editor. . In addition, Microsoft has also fine-tuned some features and limitations when resolving conflicts. Officials mentioned that in this version they focused on the most important UX issues of the merge editor and fixed many known issues.

In the past, VS Code only supported the FLAC codec, but now it has also added the FFmpeg shared library, which can support encodings including Flac, H.264, MP3, and Ogg, which will allow developers to use the notebook or Expansion kit to play embedded audio and video.

VS Code 1.71 also integrates Fish Shell, which is a more modern command-line shell that supports Linux and macOS. Overall, it is more user-friendly. The interface is not only black and white, but Fish Shell also uses colors to prompt users for input. Command errors and provide command suggestions. There are also new toys for Windows developers. The Windows shell now provides Git bash. Since this is an experimental feature like Fish Shell, it needs to be manually installed by the user.

In addition, Sticky Scroll has become an official function in VS Code 1.71. This page scrolling method is often used in websites. When the user scrolls the page, the content such as the Logo or the menu column is left on the same screen. To increase the layering of page scrolling, the Sticky Scroll function in VS Code will leave the current scope (Scope) above the Viewport (Viewport), which can be more clear when developers browse the code. code in the resolver function of . Although this feature has been removed from the experimental function, it still needs to be manually enabled by the developer, and the number of rows of Sticky Scroll can be set.

sticky scroll ctrlclick

Microsoft has improved the Code Action control UI of VS Code. Now Code Action will provide customized controls, allowing users to find the desired Code Action options more quickly, and VS Code can also display more additional information, such as when the user selects When you hover over the disabled Code Action option, you’ll see why it doesn’t work.

code action widget

Markdown support in VS Code has also been upgraded, and Microsoft has reimplemented a more fully functional Markdown language server that provides programming language features including finding all references, renaming code symbols, and detecting broken links.

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