March 25, 2023

VPNs drastically reduce the risk of privacy theft with Surfshark’s 3,200 servers

Nowadays, smartphones and computers operate various financial and banking platforms, and there are also many important personal data such as ID cards, monthly statements, and bank credits that are photographed and sent out on mobile phones. If the data is stolen during transmission, the consequences will be disastrous. VPN Internet access establishes a security barrier for your Internet connection. Even if mobile Internet access and public Wi-Fi Internet access signals are blocked, the tightly protected data will not be worried about being stolen by criminals. Recently, VPN service provider Surfshark has enhanced its services and established VPN servers in more countries to further enhance the security of user data.

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The biggest risk of public Wi-Fi Internet access is that criminals can set up an eavesdropping system on the Wi-Fi network in advance, and all Internet traffic has the opportunity to be intercepted. The websites you have browsed, the passwords you have entered, and the pictures you have sent when you use Wi-Fi will all have a chance to be seen clearly by criminals. A VPN can provide a comprehensive protection for the Internet connection. First, it encrypts your data. Even if it is intercepted, its content cannot be analyzed. On the other hand, the Internet IP can also be protected, and it is not easy for network services to check your location, which further enhances Internet security.

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VPN online to ensure privacy and security

Simply put, a VPN service allows you to establish an encrypted connection directly with the VPN provider’s server when surfing the Internet, and then connect to other websites and network services through the provider’s server. Except that the connection between you and the VPN service is protected, even if a hacker intercepts the data along the way, there is no way to monitor the content inside. Your Internet IP can also be protected. For example, when you connect to a website, it can check your location by IP address. After using VPN service, your Internet identity will become a VPN server, and your real Internet access The location can be hidden.

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3200+ server powerful network in 100 countries

Of course, you need to choose a trusted VPN service provider to truly ensure the security of online information. Surfshark is a well-reputed VPN provider on the market. They don’t keep sensitive user data, and they set up an IP rotator to make it harder to track you when you’re using it for a long time. Recently, Surfshark has established new servers in more countries and regions. After their new servers in Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Africa, and Puerto Rico in South America were completed and put into use, more than 3,200 servers in a total of 100 countries and regions provide users with services, Internet access IP Protection is more comprehensive.

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Why build servers all over the world? In addition to serving users in different countries, some governments, such as India, require VPN service providers to collect and retain user data. Setting up servers all over the world allows Surfshark to establish a “virtual VPN server” system. The server seems to be in some countries and regions, but the location of the server is actually very different from what is shown. In this way, Surfshark can truly not collect user data and provide users with a more secure online experience. Surfshark provides additional tools to help users get more comprehensive protection, including ad blockers, anti-tracking, anti-malware, plug-ins to prevent pop-ups, and more.

Surfshark latest deals

Another biggest feature of Surfshark is that they launch a VPN safe online service at an affordable price, and set up a 24-hour customer chat and email service to answer user questions, and provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

24-month service plan (send 2 months)

EUR 59.76 for the first 26 months

That is equivalent to EUR 2.30 per month (approximately HK$17.59)

(Subsequent annual fee of EUR 59.76)

12 Month Service Plan

EUR 47.88 / first 12 months

That is equivalent to EUR 3.99 per month (approximately HK$30.52)

(Subsequent annual fee of EUR 61.00)

1 month service plan

EUR 12.95

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