March 25, 2023
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Volkswagen plans to return to physical keyboard keys due to negative reviews for touch-sensitive keys- Hong Kong

The use of capacitive buttons on the dials of Volkswagen’s current models has been criticized by users. In view of this, Volkswagen’s new Golf will cancel the touch-sensitive buttons on the dial and return to traditional physical buttons.

Since the eighth-generation Golf, Volkswagen hopes to enhance the sense of technology in the vehicle. Unfortunately, customers are not disappointed, and many people complain that the touch keys are not as good as the traditional physical keys. Touch controls are more difficult to operate than traditional buttons while driving, compromising convenience and compromising driving safety.

It is expected that the 2023 Golf will be the first to switch to physical buttons, and the buttons on both sides of the dial will be changed back to physical buttons, but the area below the center of the touch screen is still operated by Touch Slider. Confirmed by Thomas Schäfer. He said on social media that he is improving the product mix and design, and will re-launch a physical button pad.

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