March 25, 2023
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Viet Nam’s roadside stall sells vegetables as virtual currency boom subsides and needs to be cleared- Hong Kong

As the mining boom subsides and the latest graphics cards are on the scene, it is difficult for many dealers to sell the RTX 30 series graphics cards introduced in the mining boom. Mainland netizens photographed in Vietnam that a graphics card dealer simply set up a street stall, and some mining cards were sold for a fraction of a pound.

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According to the pictures taken by the netizen, he set up a stall in front of Lê Thành, a local video card store that calls himself the “King of VGA”, to clear the goods.

Among them, some mining cards are even sold by a pound. It can be seen in the photo that a buyer riding a motorcycle bought two at his stall. The stall owner wrapped it in a transparent plastic bag for delivery, and the process was like shopping on the street.

Although it is impossible to know the truth from the photos alone, it is certain that the inventory level of local graphics cards is very high, and mining cards are even more difficult to sell. It is also quite a headache for dealers to sell RTX 30 series graphics cards.


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