June 6, 2023

Vaccine passports inspire new applications for electronic medical records, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare will add discharged patients to the Apple Health App

In March last year, the Ministry of Health and Welfare began to study the specifications of international vaccine passports. In June, it began planning and developing. In December, it successfully joined the member states of the EU digital certificate. It also directly opened the public to apply and download digital certificates. The two major mobile operating system providers Apple and Google Take the initiative to incorporate Taiwan’s digital certificate into the wallet. Pang Yiming, director of the information department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, is the core driving force along the way. At the 2022 Taiwan Hospital Information Directors Conference, he not only revealed the experience of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in using the public cloud to handle national-level projects, but also revealed that the Ministry of Health and Welfare is thinking about more personal health record (PHR) applications, and the next step is to include discharged patients into the Apple Health App .The first step in building an international vaccine passport: start with the organization and structure

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