March 27, 2023

Using Minecraft to recreate the universe, American players replicated astronomical wonders from the solar system to black holes | Urban Tech Story

Build my little universe with Minecraft like never before!

Minecraft is a well-known video game in which players can freely use various block props to create their own world. Recently, an 18-year-old young player from San Diego, California, boldly used blocks to build a world. A landscape that no one has yet challenged—the universe.

The player, whose name is Christopher Slayton, is a long-time Minecraft fan. He spent nearly 2 months successfully recreating the solar system including Earth, new nebulae, super clusters and black holes in the game world, that is, the entire known galaxy.

▲ The video is a completed universe created by Slayton in Minecraft and posted on the Reddit forum.

The universe is so vast…

Slayton said he had never felt the vastness of the universe in the past, but after he worked hard to recreate the entire universe, “I deeply realized how beautiful the universe is.”

Slayton’s entire creation process and end result has been shown on YouTube channels and Reddit forums under the name Chris DaCow. His work has quickly gained widespread attention, retweeted by Xbox’s official UK Twitter, and has also attracted the New York Times. Interview with The Times.

Everything is difficult to start, starting from the home earth

Slayton has always been a loyal Minecraft player, and his Instagram and TikTok posts are full of unique structures he built in Minecraft. This time, taking advantage of the fact that he just graduated from high school in early 2022, he decided to set himself a new challenge—creating a universe.

Slayton’s first steps started with building a model of the Earth, and he believes “the only way to really appreciate our planet is to jump out of an airplane.” To help him fully understand the surface of the earth and appreciate the beauty of the planet, he decided to take the risk of skydiving.

Although that jump has yielded a lot, in reproducing the details of the earth, Slayton still relies on the most reliable tool, the globe, which helps him to scale in equal proportions and faithfully reproduce every continent on the earth. .

Slayton believes that the biggest difficulty encountered when recreating a planet in space with Minecraft is how to use only dark and bright blocks to show the glow of a planet in a game world without a light source, and its other The dark side of one end.

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▲ Slayton’s appearance of the earth created by Minecraft. (Source: Screenshot of the video)

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