June 6, 2023

Using Android system, Logitech handheld game console photos leak | Urban Tech Story


In early August, it was announced that Logitech, which cooperated with Tencent to develop handheld game consoles, recently released a promotional photo of the console from Twitter. It can be seen that the Android operating system and a similar Twitch interface are used. Judging by the degree of completion, it should be published soon.

Logitech G and Tencent Games announced on August 2 that they will jointly develop the G Gaming Handheld, a handheld game console that combines the strengths of Logitech’s hardware and Tencent’s software to compete with rivals such as Nintendo Switch and Vavle Steam Deck.

From the outside, G Gaming Handheld uses the Android operating system, and the UI design style is similar to the Switch. Icon indicates that the host supports cloud gaming services such as Google Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia Geforce Now.

In terms of hardware, the new console is expected to be the first device to use the Qualcomm G3x platform. The built-in Adreno GPU ensures that the G Gaming Handheld supports all the latest games. The Android system also ensures that the new console game support will not have too many problems.

The hardware specifications of the G Gaming Handheld have not yet been announced, but judging from Logitech’s quick request for photos to be taken off the shelves, the appearance and development completion of the new console should be quite close to the launch standard, so the details and launch time may be known soon.

(Source of the first image:Teeth_Tech

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