March 30, 2023
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Users reveal Pixel Watch wireless charging function, Google emphasizes that it does not support

Google’s first smartwatch, the Pixel Watch, was recently launched. Whether it was introduced at the press conference or on the official website, it did not mention that the Pixel Watch supports wireless charging. However, when consumers got the Pixel Watch, they found that the Pixel 7 and other mobile phones support reverse power supply. There are also wireless charging pads and mobile power supplies that support the Qi standard, which can originally charge the watch wirelessly.

A Pixel Watch user shared this discovery that Google has not mentioned in the Twitter and Reddit discussion forums, and it has attracted a lot of discussion among netizens. Although there is a lot of evidence that the Pixel Watch can be charged wirelessly, a Pixel Watch product representative left a message on Reddit, emphasizing that the watch does not support wireless charging, and explained at the same time.

The product representative pointed out that some mobile phones or Qi standard devices may be able to wirelessly charge the Pixel Watch, but this is only limited to specific devices, and consistent, stable and normal charging cannot be guaranteed, and even discharge may occur in individual cases. For the best experience, users should always use the magnetic charging dock provided with the package.

Data and picture sources:XDA Mewe page:

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