June 6, 2023
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“Use Samsung to make friends first” Samsung’s new ad encourages iPhone users to “transfer”

The iPhone has always been the main competitor of Samsung mobile phones. In order to attract more users, Samsung said in its latest advertisement that they don’t have to worry about losing friends after switching to Samsung, encouraging iPhone users to “switch” to Samsung.

On the Fence Attention Samsung 0 25 screenshot

Samsung’s “On the Fence” campaign is titled mocking Apple, and in the recently launched “On the Fence: Attention” ad, the heroine holds a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and says to the male protagonist sitting on the wall, I have also sat on the wall between Apple and Samsung.

The actor responded that he wanted to switch to Samsung, but was worried about what his friends who used iPhones thought of him. The heroine said that after switching to Samsung, her friends will definitely envy the hero and will not leave you. She even handed the Galaxy Z Flip 4 to the hero, and the hero finally joined the ranks of Samsung.

Most of the ads in the first “On the Fence” series, which debuted in November, mocked Apple for not having a foldable iPhone. Even in the face of Samsung’s offensive, Apple still has no news of launching a foldable iPhone.


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