June 6, 2023
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USB4 2.0 transfer speed upgrade to 80Gbps, iPhone 15 is expected to benefit

iPhone lightning

The USB Promoter group announced the latest USB4 2.0 specification, USB-C can achieve up to 80Gbps transmission capacity. After the announcement, there are rumors that the iPhone 15, which will switch from the Lightning charging port to the USB-C interface next year, will directly adopt the new specification.

The European Union stipulates that all consumer electronic products will be required to be equipped with USB-C ports from 2024, and even Apple cannot escape the fate of being “changed”. But forcing the change to USB-C is not without benefits, so users can enjoy higher transfer speeds.

Documents released from the USB Promoter team show that USB4 2.0 will provide up to 80Gbps data transfer speed through USB-C, and the new specification is backward compatible with the USB specification.

The new architecture also enables the existing USB 3.2 specification to exceed 20Gbps transfer speeds; the specification is updated to comply with the latest DisplayPort and PCIe specifications.

USB4 2.0 Scheduled to launch USB4 2.0 ahead of the November USB DevDays developer event.

(Source of the first image:Flickr/Aaron Yoo CC BY 2.0)

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