June 6, 2023

US plans to live and mine resources on the moon

The National Science and Technology Committee of the White House announced the new US strategy for Earth-Moon science and technology, and expounded the goals of future Earth-Moon exploration, including launching astronomical observations on the back of the moon, mining resources and developing technology on the surface of the moon, and easing the difficulty of future missions to Mars. If the US goal is realized, there may be a large number of satellites in lunar orbit, a lunar GPS navigation system and a human space station, which will serve as a rest stop before landing on the moon. Humans may establish a permanent ground station at the south pole of the moon, and astronauts may be stationed in rotation every six months. According to NASA’s plan, nuclear power plants and lunar Internet may also appear on the surface of the moon. The U.S. government estimates that the level of human activity in the Earth-lunar space in the next ten years will exceed the sum of the past half century.

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