April 1, 2023
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US media: Zuckerberg should step down from Meta position, saying he should set up his own company to work on Metaverse projects

A few days ago, an American media wrote that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was “powerless” and should step down as Meta CEO. Linette Lopez, a senior reporter for “Businessinsider” in the United States, said that Mark Zuckerberg should resign and let others manage his social media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. He also pointed out that Mark Zuckerberg should use his huge wealth and venture capital network to start a startup company to achieve His metaverse vision is the only way to save the business.

Meta spent $10 billion to develop the Metaverse last year, but the company said in February that only 300,000 monthly users use the Metaverse’s Horizon World platform, and shares have fallen about 60 percent on Meta, social platforms Facebook and Instagram. With popularity waning, Linette Lopez thinks Mark Zuckerberg should step down, leave the job to someone more committed and capable, and use his vast wealth and venture capital connections to start a company that can The company of his metaverse vision.

Linette Lopez also criticized that Mark Zuckerberg announced at the “Meta Connect” conference held by Meta recently that the breakthrough point of the virtual avatars in the current metaverse growing legs is difficult to convince people who are tired of the Internet to spend $ 1,500 to buy this device is worth it. .

In the end, Linette Lopez said Meta needed a leader who could see the company with a clear eye, not someone who was burdened with the emotional baggage of the founder.


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