January 28, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Using Pop to Spread Deadly Pathogens

A wolf in sheep’s clothing: using pop music to spread deadly pathogens

Three UC Irvine researchers published on arXiva preprint, describing a novel attack that spreads a deadly pathogen. In order to prevent the leakage of deadly pathogens, biological laboratories or infectious disease control hospitals will require the use of equipment called Negative Pressure Room (Negative Pressure Room or NPR for short), which maintains negative pressure inside to control microorganisms inside the NPR. Differential pressure sensors (DPS) are used in laboratories or hospitals to monitor and control the negative pressure of the NPR. The researchers report that they can use pop music to create resonances in the DPS that cause its readings to overshoot, turning its negative pressure into a positive one, causing potentially lethal pathogens to escape from the NPR device. The researchers demonstrated their attack at an unnamed biological research facility.

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