June 6, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Ukraine Air Raid Alert App Using Mark Hamill’s Voice

Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, has lent his voice to the Ukrainian air-raid warning app Air Alert. Air Alert is connected to the national air defense system, and once an air raid is detected, Mark Hamill’s voice will sound: “Attention. Air raid siren. Please go to the nearest shelter.” When the threat has passed, he will say, “The alert is over. May the Force be with you.” You’re with me.” Hamill also quotes some famous lines from “Star Wars”, such as “Don’t be careless, overconfidence is your weakness.” The lines provided by Hamill warn the user of missile strikes, shelling, street fighting, radiation and chemical threats. Hamill is a supporter of Ukraine and has run fundraisers for Ukraine.


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