June 6, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Tianya Forum stopped updating

The Tianya forum stopped updating, and the last update time was on November 22. It is not clear whether it will eventually be closed. Users have reported abnormal access to the website in the past few days. Tianya is the last online community after Maopu and Xici Hutong that was once popular but eventually fell silent. Tianya was established in 1999. The founder is Xing Ming, the current chairman. He once co-founded Tianya Q&A with Google. Its main source of income is advertising. However, with the popularity of Weibo and mobile applications, the popularity of Tianya community has gradually declined. There is no Lost the glory of the peak period, and lost money year after year. According to data from Tianyancha, Tianya Company has been executed for a total of over 139 million yuan.


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