June 6, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Servo project plans to migrate to Layout 2020

The Servo project plans to migrate to the layout engine Layout 2020. Servo is an experimental browser engine project developed in the Rust language. It was originally initiated by Mozilla. During Mozilla’s major layoffs in 2020, the Servo engine team was laid off, and the development of Servo has since stalled. The Servo project was later found hosted by the Linux Foundation, seeking to provide a high-performance, secure, embeddable, modular rendering engine for other projects. The development of the project has been active again over the past few months. On Thursday, the official blog stated that it plans to migrate to the Layout 2020 engine. The Servo project currently has two layout engines – Layout 2013 and Layout 2020. As the name suggests, their development began in 2013 and 2020 respectively. The Layout 2020 design makes up for many deficiencies of Layout 2013. The developers said they think Layout 2020 is the best layout engine for the project going forward and plans to migrate to it soon.


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