March 27, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Scientists use optical cables and photonic chips to achieve 1.84 Petabit/s transmission rate

Scientists at the Danish University of Science and Technology in Copenhagen use a single fiber optic cable and a single photonic chipAchieved 1.84 petabit/s data transfer rate. This feat was accomplished over a distance of 7.9 kilometers. By comparison, the average bandwidth used by Internet users around the world is 1 petabit/s per day. As data usage increases, so does the demand for bandwidth. A solution to achieve 1.84 petabits/s transmission rate using a compact single chip on standard fiber optic cable would be very attractive. In the experiment, the data stream was divided into 37, and the photonic chip divided the laser into many frequencies to encode the optical data for the 37 fiber data streams.

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