April 1, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Rust for Linux project next development plan

Linus Torvalds recently incorporated support for the Rust language in the latest development release of Linux. Rust is a high-performance, memory-safe language, and most of the vulnerabilities discovered by software projects are memory-safety-related vulnerabilities. Developing the kernel with Rust will help improve the memory safety of the kernel. Memory support for Rust comes from the work of Rust developer Miguel Ojeda, who is employed by the Prossimo project, whose sponsor is Google.The Prossimo project says it will continue to support Rust for Linuxthe next step will be to use Rust to develop more secure kernel drivers and other components, NVMe drivers have made progress, the Google Android team is experimenting with porting the Binder IPC driver, other Android vendors have also expressed interest in developing Rust drivers, and members of the Asahi Linux community are working on Develop a driver to support the Apple M1 device GPU.

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