March 29, 2023

Urban Tech Story | RNC sues Google over spam filter

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is suing Google in California, accusing the search giant of categorizing emails it sends into users’ spam inboxes. The Republican National Committee sees it as discriminatory, filtering its emails based on political affiliation and opinions, saying millions of its emails are being sent to potential donors and supporters at a critical time in election fundraising. folder. Google has denied the allegations. The RNC said its mail went unsorted for most of the month, appearing normally in users’ inboxes, but by the end of the month it all went to the spam folder. The RNC said the discrimination continued for ten months. A Google spokesman said it doesn’t filter email based on political affiliation, and that Gmail’s spam filter reflects user behavior. That is to say, the user first marks the RNC’s mail as spam,The filter will then react to this

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