March 25, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Musk asks Pentagon to pay for Starlink

Elon Musk says maintenance of Starlink terminal in Ukraine is approaching $20 million per month, SpaceX Unable to fund this service indefinitely. Service in Ukraine has cost SpaceX $80 million, Musk said, and that figure will exceed $100 million by the end of the year. He said in a series of tweets on Friday that SpaceX cannot continue to fund the running costs of the project on its own. CNN’sinvestigationIt shows that there are about 20,000 Starlink terminals in Ukraine, of which 85% are donated by countries and entities such as the United States and Poland. Among them, Poland donated a maximum of 9,000 terminals, the United States donated 1,700, and the rest were donated by the United Kingdom, NGOs and the public. Raise donations. These countries and organizations also pay 30% of the internet connection fee. Starlink’s website says the cheapest service costs as little as $60 a month, but it claims to offer the most advanced service in Ukraine at $4,500 per terminal per month.

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