March 27, 2023

Urban Tech Story | MICROSCOPE satellite final results confirm Einstein’s weak equivalence principle

The equivalence principle is an important theory in Einstein’s general theory of relativity. In a gravitational field with the same acceleration, the gravitational mass and inertial mass are equal. Equivalence principle includes weak equivalence principle and strong equivalence principle. Weak equivalence means that the observer cannot distinguish the inertial force produced by acceleration or the gravitational force produced by the object in a local area. The MICROSCOPE satellite launched by CNES in April 2016 uses its onboard accelerometer to measure the mass of materials and test the weak equivalence principle. In 2017, researchers based on satellite dataPreliminary results published, confirming the equivalence principle with 10 times the precision of previous experiments.Now researchers have publishedFinal result, the equivalence principle is still valid when the accuracy is improved by nearly an order of magnitude.research teamplanLaunch new satellites in the 2030s to further improve measurement accuracy.

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