June 9, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Kia and Hyundai agree to pay $200 million to settle car theft

Kia and Hyundai agree to pay $200 million to settle class action over stolen cars. Kia vehicles produced between 2011-2021 and Hyundai vehicles produced between 2015-2021 lack electronic immobilizers, which means the ignition can be activated by using other tools. The viral “Kia Challenge” video on TikTok details how to bypass a car’s security system using simple tools like a USB cable. $145 million of the more than $200 million settlement will cover actual damages for owners of stolen cars, up to $6,125 for completely wrecked cars, and up to $3,375 for damaged cars and property. Add to this the cost of insurance hikes, rental cars, towing, and more. In February, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration linked at least 14 crashes and eight fatalities.


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