March 23, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Kakao co-CEO resigns due to service failure

South Korean universal app Kakao suffered a prolonged service outage last Saturday after a fire in its data center, affecting tens of millions of South Korean users. Kakao offers WeChat-like messaging, ride-hailing, payment, and gaming.Company co-CEO Nangong XunAnnouncing his resignation. Nangong Xun held a press conference and said that, as the head of Kakao, I felt a heavy heart and a heavy responsibility for the company’s service failure caused by the fire in the data center, and decided to step down as the representative director. As the representative in charge of the company’s business, I was very focused on sales and operating profit. But for IT companies, systems are the top priority, and I learned from this incident that we need to focus on managing systems and invest more in systems. Kakao will be run by Hong Yinze alone. Kakao’s messaging app, Kakao Talk, has more than 47 million active users in South Korea and 53 million worldwide.

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