March 28, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Indian media say Meta allows senior officials of the ruling party to censor content, Meta denies

Indian media outlet The Wire broke the news last week, citing documents leaked by insiders, reporting that Meta had allowed an influential high-ranking official in the ruling party to censor content on Instagram. Meta Strongly denied the report, that the documents cited by The Wire are likely to be forged. The Wire announced this week that it had launched an investigation into the authenticity of the documents, acknowledging that it had found some suspicious signs, and it also announced that it had withdrawn the report. The Wire, a well-known independent media outlet in India, has been critical of the government, and its founding editor, Siddharth Varadarajan, may have been under surveillance by the government, and his phone was found to be infected with the Israeli spyware Pegasus, which is only sold to government customers.

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