June 9, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Hackers stole 10 TB of data from Western Digital

Data storage giant Western Digital confirmed earlier this month that it was compromised on March 26, but gave no further information. Now one of the hackers involved in the attack has given a public interview, revealing more about it. Hackers say they have stolen about 10 terabytes of data from Western Digital and are negotiating at least an eight-figure ransom with Western Digital. As evidence, the hackers shared a document signed with a Western Digital certificate, proving that they can now impersonate Western Digital to sign the document. The hackers also shared undisclosed phone numbers of WD executives and a screenshot of a conference call between the executives — one of whom was WD’s chief information security officer. Hackers stated that their purpose of intrusion was to make a profit, so they did not encrypt WD files with ransomware. If WD refused or ignored their request, they would disclose WD data.


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