March 29, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Firefox Relay supports generating virtual phone numbers

A service of Mozilla Firefox Relay It can generate random email addresses for users and protect users’ real email addresses from advertisers and spammers. Firefox Relay will forward emails with random email addresses to the user’s real email address. If the emails received by the user are spam, the user can delete the email address.Now Firefox Relay has expanded toGenerate virtual phone numbers for users, to avoid the intrusion of advertising calls or text messages. Many services today require users to provide a phone number, such as requiring a mobile phone to receive a verification code. If you’re concerned that your phone number will be shared and used for advertising calls, Firefox Relay’s virtual phone number can hide your real phone number. There is a fee for the phone hiding service, which provides 50 minutes of calls and 75 text messages for $5 per month, and the email hiding service is available in both free and paid options.

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