April 1, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Ebola cases in Uganda top 100

Ebola cases in Uganda top 100

Ebola outbreak in Ugandaincreasingly worrying, the virus is spreading rapidly in the densely populated capital. The outbreak was caused by an uncommon variant of Ebola, the Sudan virus, for which there is currently no vaccine or treatment. Since the outbreak was declared on September 20, the virus has spread to seven regions, with 109 confirmed cases, 30 deaths and possibly unreported cases. The capital of more than 1.6 million people, Kampala, reported 15 confirmed cases, six of them from school-age children from the same family who, along with their families and neighbours, were infected by a person who had entered the capital from out of town to seek treatment. Six children attended three different schools, with 170 close contacts in the schools, for a total of several hundred close contacts. The fatality rate of Sudan virus is between 41% and 100%. Uganda has approved three experimental vaccines against Sudan virus, with plans to vaccinate exposed people in the coming weeks.

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