May 28, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Brazil orders seizure of iPhones in stores

Brazil orders seizure of iPhones in stores

In September, Brazil ordered the suspension of the sale of Apple iPhones that do not come with chargers. Apple announced in 2020 that it would no longer provide chargers for products such as the iPhone and EarPod on environmental grounds, but the Brazilian government believes that what Apple has done is to pass the burden on to consumers. Brazil also believes that if Apple is really conscious about the environment, it can support more universal USB-C chargers. Despite being fined millions of dollars, Apple has not changed its course, and it still sells iPhones in Brazil without chargers. Brazilian regulators have ordered the seizure of hundreds of iPhones at retail stores in the capital, Brasilia. The move, dubbed Operation Discharge, is aimed at forcing Apple to comply with Brazilian law and provide chargers inside the phone box. The iPhones were confiscated at local carrier stores and Apple authorized retail outlets.

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