June 6, 2023

Urban Tech Story | Apple released the first App Store transparency report

Apple released its first App Store Transparency Report. In 2022, there will be 1,783,232 apps on the App Store, 6,101,913 apps will be submitted by developers, 1,679,694 apps will be rejected by Apple for security and other reasons, and 186,195 apps will be removed due to violation of regulations, most of which are games, followed by tools, business and educational applications. China submitted the most application removal requests, requiring removal of 1435 applications, of which 1276 were games, mainly because there were no version numbers. Apple removed 14 apps at the request of India, 10 apps for Pakistan, and seven apps for Russia. Out of 18,412 app removals appealed by developers, Apple only restored 616 developer accounts, and these apps were usually removed due to fraudulent or illegal practices, which is why the number of rejections is so high. There are 36,974,015 registered developers in the App Store. In 2022, Apple terminated 428,487 accounts. 3,338 developers appealed. Apple only restored 159 accounts. The main reason is that most of the accounts are related to fraud.


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