March 27, 2023

Urban Tech Story | A peek at the decommissioned Netflix cache server

A peek at decommissioned Netflix cache servers

Reddit user PoisonWaffe3, who works for an ISP that was recently dealing with decommissioned Netflix cache servers, was able to get his hands on one and give the public a chance to peek at the mysterious machine ( 1893364). This machine is called the Open Connect Appliance (OCA) – it is Netflix Part of the Open Connect CDN.Open Connect is a network of servers installed in ISP data centers around the world, storing Local copies of Netflix video content used to accelerate streaming for Netflix users in the region. The Open Connect server configuration is not well known to the outside world. The retired cache server originated in 2013 and used a SuperMicro motherboard, a Xeon E5 2650 v2 CPU, 64GB DDR3 memory, 36 Western Digital 7.2TB hard drives, and 6 500GB Micron SSDs. A 4-port 10GbE network card with a pair of 750W power supplies. The total storage capacity is 262TB. Quite a lot for individual users.

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