April 1, 2023

Urban Tech Story | 50% of Twitter employees may be laid off

50% of Twitter employees could be laid off

Elon Musk has previously told investors that up to three-quarters of its workforce will be cut after closing the Twitter deal. He later said publicly that the figure was unreal. But according to multiple sources, as many as 50% of Twitter employees may be laid off. Musk has disbanded Twitter’s board and became the company’s sole director. He’s preparing to overhaul Twitter, one of which is to raise the cost of the Twitter Blue subscription service from $4.99 a month to $19.99 a month, and require account-authenticated users to subscribe to the service or lose their authentication badge. Many authenticated users have publicly rejected the proposal. This may be more beneficial to the scammer because the scammer is more willing and motivated to pay, and the result may be that you are no longer you and the scammer is you.

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