April 1, 2023
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United Airlines introduced iPads to assist maintenance

Airline operations involve quite complex processes, but in recent years more and more digital technologies have been added to improve their operational efficiency. United Airlines recently further partnered with Apple to also use iPad assistance in maintenance procedures.

Apple and United Airlines announced that they have become the first airlines to receive FAA approval to use iPads to complete the sign-off process for maintenance. United Airlines said they can now use iPads to confirm the completion of aircraft maintenance, a process that originally required signing on physical documents, but now done through iPads can speed up the process by 10 minutes, which adds up to saving 13 million minutes a year. It also helps a lot in aviation operations where every second counts.

United Airlines has been equipped with iPads in the cockpits of aircraft since 2011. In addition to replacing paper flight plans and flight logs, it can also collect accelerator data to help establish safer backup routes and improve internal communication efficiency. However, too much reliance on electronic tools may also cause problems. For example, in 2015, American Airlines had a problem that caused flights to be grounded due to an error in the app. It seems that a proper balance of risks is also necessary.


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