June 7, 2023

Ukraine wants Russian-funded game Atomic Heart banned in the country

Ukraine’s Digital Ministry said it would ask Steam, Microsoft and Sony to remove the Russian-funded game Atomic Heart from the Ukrainian section of their platforms. “Atomic Heart” will be released this Tuesday. The story takes place in the fictional Soviet Union. The genius scientist Sechenov invented a programmable liquid substance “polymer”, which made the Soviet Union’s technology leap forward, leading the world in machinery and energy technology. After the Soviet Union defeated Germany in World War II, it also developed a computer network system “Big Collective” and an implanted terminal “Thought” to control robots, and produced a variety of robots in a floating industrial park called “Facility 3826”. , making human life more convenient. But in 1955, when Sechenov upgraded the “big collective” to “big collective 2.0”, the robots in facility 3826 suddenly went berserk and slaughtered humans. Players take on the role of a KGB agent codenamed “P-3” investigating the conspiracy behind the accident at Facility 3826. Ukraine’s Digital Ministry believes that “Atomic Heart” glorified the Soviet Union, and its development was funded in part by sanctioned Russian entrepreneurs and banks. Mundfish, the developer of “Atomic Heart”, is headquartered in Cyprus and has an office in Russia. Its investors include Tencent and GEM Capital, of which GEM is deeply involved in the Russian energy market.

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