June 9, 2023
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U.S. court orders Tesla to upgrade FSD computer for free to Model 3 owners

An American Tesla owner filed a lawsuit in a Washington court earlier, suing Tesla for making false statements in advertisements, and won the case. The court required Tesla to upgrade FSD computers for customers free of charge. The incident stems from Tesla’s public promise that all Model 3 models produced in 2016 or later will have hardware capable of supporting the Full Self Driving (FSD) fully automatic driving function. As a result, some car owners have found that this is not true.

The owner of Tesla is suing Tesla, whose Model 3 built-in Hardware 2.5 computer cannot use the FSD full self-driving function. The factory requires him to pay $1,000 to upgrade the computer to Hardware 3.0, and then subscribe to the FSD function at a monthly fee of $199. The car owner believed that Tesla’s move was inconsistent with the original publicity, and decided to take it to court for resolution. Since Tesla did not send personnel to appear in court, the judge directly ruled that the car owner won the lawsuit. Upgrade computer hardware.

Although this is a single incident, the judge did not further require Tesla to upgrade the computer hardware for all car owners for free, but it will become a case for other American car owners to request Tesla to upgrade their computers for free.

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