June 6, 2023
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Twitter employee successfully applied for temporary restraining order to prevent himself from being fired- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Recently, there have been frequent news of layoffs on Twitter, but an Irish Twitter executive successfully applied to the court for a temporary injunction to prevent Elon Musk from firing her.

According to local media reports, Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s global vice president of public policy in Ireland, obtained a temporary injunction from the Irish High Court on Friday (25th), temporarily preventing Twitter from terminating McSweeney’s employment contract.

Elon Musk asked employees to click “yes” in his email on November 16, promising to accept Twitter’s “extreme work” culture or leave the job, butTwitter did not hear back from McSweeney. The court held that Elon Musk’s email had no effect on McSweeney’s employment contract, but it still did not mean that she could resume work, so it issued a temporary injunction pending a final decision at a later date.

The Irish Examiner reports that even though McSweeney has not explicitly accepted Twitter’s proposed departure, his work account is still locked by Twitter’s Dublin office. Twitter’s lawyer responded that after learning that McSweeney had no intention of resigning, she would restore her IT system connection rights, but McSweeney pointed out to the court that she is still unable to work.


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